Sorry for Yourself

Feeling sorry for yourself, and your present condition, is not only a waste of energy but the worst habit you could possibly have. Dale Carnegie

We all have times where we feel sorry for ourselves.  It happens, it’s not good for us, but it happens.  The thing is, feeling sorry for ourselves doesn’t change anything, and it doesn’t do anything.  Well it doesn’t do anything productive.  What it does do, is make us feel even worse about our situation and in turn, we then feel more sorry for ourselves.  It’s this vicious circle.

I am not going to go all crazy and say never feel sorry for yourself.  If you can do that, I invite you to PLEASE share with me exactly what how you manage that!!!!  What I am going to say is don’t be self-indulgent about your self pity. Feel sorry for yourself, figure out why and try and figure out a solution.  At the same time, look around you at all the good things you do have going on in your life and try and focus on them.  Celebrate the good that is going on in your life.  Acknowledge whatever is making you feel sorry for yourself and try and move past it.  Don’t give in too much to the self-pity party.  Choose to celebrate life instead!

Originally published at Think Positive 30

About bodhicap

This is the journal-blog from the Capuchins at Bodhi Institute of Theology, Tillery, Kollam, India.
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